Our story

We started PACK’D as a response to the rise of bottled smoothies that weren’t necessarily as healthy as they claimed.

We wanted to create the ultimate smoothie. One that was naturally delicious, nutritionally on point and with a fraction of the sugar of the bottled varieties.

- A smoothie with no more than 10 carefully sourced ingredients with a superfood blend bespoke to different nutritional needs.

- A smoothie that you could make at home whenever you felt like it with zero waste, minimal hassle and no having to hunt for hard-to-find ingredients.

We spent ages in our kitchen developing a range of frozen smoothie kits and started selling them down Broadway Market in east London in 2014. Within a year, we’d made it to the frozen aisles of some the UK’s biggest retailers.

From superfood smoothies to organic frozen fruit, we’re constantly developing and creating new products so that we can make super nutrition simple accessible and affordable for everyone.

We all know that when you eat well, you feel good.

We also know that it can be tricky to fit in eating well when you’re busy and don’t have time to cook from scratch.

We believe that eating well should fit into your everyday, effortlessly. That’s why we make delicious tasting, healthy recipes that can be made at home with minimal faff and zero food waste.

We do this by:

- Only using the best plant-based ingredients

- Never having more than 10 carefully sourced ingredients in a recipe to keep things clean, simple and natural

- Ensuring each recipe has its own bespoke superfood blend

- Freezing our ingredients on the day they’re picked to capture all that natural goodness

- Working with nutritionists to create recipes that have clear nutritional benefits and are as low in sugar as they are big on taste

- Working with our packaging suppliers to develop paper alternatives to our plastic packaging that can hold up in the freezer

- Ensuring that no mess, no waste and no hassle are at the centre of everything we make

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